Madison Window Cleaning Introduces 5 Helpful Tips for New Commercial Window Cleaners

Experienced commercial window cleaners pick up many tips and tricks throughout their years of involvement in the industry that transforms them into diligent and effective workers. But for those just starting out, window cleaning can often be a daunting task. Although there is much that cannot be taught and only acquired through hands-on experience, window cleaners who are just starting out can still benefit from helpful and practical advice regarding the proper practice of office window cleaning. Madison Window Cleaning offers 5 helpful tips to transition newcomers into the industry. Primarily, Madison emphasizes the importance of remembering that professionals, no matter what career they are in, are always learning how to hone their skills and that perfection takes time.

1. Do not neglect to hydrate yourself

Although it is their job to rejuvenate the appearance of glass through the use of water, it is surprising how many window cleaners neglect to hydrate themselves. Take care to hydrate yourself as well as the windows you are working on, otherwise accidents can occur during the warmer seasons that will prevent you from completing your work.

2. Begin with something small

When starting out, try using a smaller squeegee as they are easier to control and will help build your skill. Additionally, when cleaning commercial glass, keep a smaller window squeegee on hand to remove leftover water from sills.

3. Use the correct squeegee technique

To achieve optimal results, when using a squeegee, remember to pause for a brief moment to let extra water run down the blade. Removing the squeegee from glass too quickly will result in splatters of water on your cleaned glass.

4. Use a sea sponge

Prior to squeegeeing, a sea sponge can be a great tool for wiping up water from sills and frames. In addition, a sea sponge can be used to wash surfaces around the windows that are not made out of glass like dirty frames.

5. Don’t use too much soap

Using too much soap is a common mistake made by newcomers to office window cleaning. Madison Window Cleaners strongly urges against this; whether dish soap or detergent, when it comes to window cleaning, less is more. Additionally, too much soap can cause windows to dry out quicker and will leave a film on glass.

Newcomers who are passionate about a career in commercial window cleaning should continue learning. Years of hands on window cleaning experience is important but it will only take you so far. New products and equipment are being introduced all the time. We highly recommend joining organizations like the IWCA (International Window Cleaning Association). They will help separate you from the competition. The IWCA offers window cleaning training and commercial window cleaning certifications. The knowledge you gain there will be invaluable as you build your business.

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