Halloween Tales from Gutter Cleaning: Strange Appearances, Gutter Gunk & Horror Movies

A friend of mine in Mononawalked out of her front door the other day and was disgusted to find a glob of black moldy mess on her driveway!

“I’m not sure what it is!” she said. “It looks like the Creature from the Black Lagoon!” “Maybe Zombies are roaming the neighborhood!”

Fearing for her safety, the Madison Window Cleaning team inspected the area and discovered that it was a collection of debris that had come out of her gutters!

This kind of real-life horror movie experience happens all the time! Yes, it’s that time of year when from Madison to Maple Bluffclogged guttersbecome the norm. The ugly result is the material coming out of them resembling something out of the late, late, show or bad Halloween movie.

Leaf and lawn debris, dirt, bugs and mold build up in your gutters every year. You may not notice it. But by the time winter comes, this debris can create a regular vacation home for insects (which may try to invade your home, begin a small city, or start an excavation of the material under your roofing). The debris may have also rendered your gutters nearly useless by filling them to capacity. This means that any water that hits your roof is not going to drain off properly and will begin soaking into your home or ruining your foundation.

Freezing, filling with water and ice, and continuing to accumulate debris throughout the winter can create even bigger problems. Gutters, heavy with ice and gunk, pull away from the edge of your roof. This leaves holes, broken areas, and more space for water to begin ruining your biggest investment–your home! (Scream!) Many homeowners attempt gutter cleaning, but find it very difficult to balance safely on a ladder. And so they let this job go undone for most of the year, and sometimes longer.

We recommend that our clients have their gutters and downspoutsprofessionally cleaned twice per year; in the spring and the fall, in order to ensure maximumgutter performance.

At Madison Window Cleaning our technicians are armed with cutting edge gutter cleaning vacuum equipment and tools. They are also extensively trained in ladder safety,window cleaning, gutter cleaning and inspection. Theycan also notify you of any locations within a gutter where it looks as if water or other debris is affecting your home. You stay safely away from the scary stuff and allow our team to take care of the mess and protect your investment!

Our gutter cleaning professionals will help ensure you never have to experience that Creature from the Black Lagoon gunk again! How does it get any better than that?

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