Madison Window Cleaning has added NEW SERVICES: Chandelier Cleaning, Ceiling Fan Cleaning, Light Bulb Changes, Elevated Area Dusting.

Chandeliers and complex light fixtures are often times the focal point of an entryway or room in your home or business. Routine dusting and cleaning of the chandelier is important to avoid erosion or future damage to the fixture and the crystals. At Madison Window Cleaning, our technicians will revive the appearance and performance of your complex light fixture or chandelier with a thorough yet delicate hand cleaning.

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  • Ceiling fans also need routine maintenance and cleaning. The accumulation of dust and mold spores on the fan blades can be very unsightly and may even create health issues. Without proper cleaning these spores and dust particles are released back into the air you breathe which may cause irritation to individuals with allergies and asthma.

    Often times these fixtures are high up and located in hard to reach areas. Do not risk your safety attempting to clean it on your own. Our technicians are properly trained on safe ladder use and have the proper access equipment for the job at hand.

  • While we’re doing the dusting and cleaning of your ceiling fans and light fixtures we’d be happy to change out the light bulbs for you as well. Make sure to have the light bulbs on hand for us to switch out at the time of cleaning. This is a great opportunity to take care of other bulbs that need replacement. Madison Window Cleaning technicians can take care of light fixtures throughout your home or business, you just need to have the replacement bulbs available.

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  • We also offer dusting and hand cleaning of hard to reach or high up interior flat surfaces such as window frames, suspended and exposed exterior HVAC duct work, beams, shelves and ledges. Our technicians have the tools and ladder training to perform these services efficiently and safely.

    You can request and estimate for any of these services by calling us at 608-256-7632. You can also email pictures of your chandelier, fans or light fixtures to or use our contact form